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Ausschreibung - Diagnostic Study of the TVET Sector i in Eschborn (ID:13307623)

Diagnostic Study of the TVET Sector i
65760 Eschborn
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Nationale Ausschreibung
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Diagnostic Study of the TVET Sector in Sierra Leone.
Projektmanagement, Unternehmens-, Managementberatung
Dienstleistungsauftrag (VOL/VOF)
DE-65760: Diagnostic Study of the TVET Sector i
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Transaction number: 81216108

Project processing number: 10.2247.4-008.00

Brief project title: Support to TVET

Country: Sierra Leone

Type of procedure: Public procedure

Dear Sir/Madam,

We intend to award a contract for the following assignment:

Diagnostic Study of the TVET Sector in Sierra Leone.

In the Sierra Leonean context with scattered sector-wide data and structures in the TVET sector, the diagnostic study will be a crucial starting point for the implementation of the action. The study will involve mapping and situational analysis of TVIs, TVCs and other relevant TVET institutions such as TTIs and polytechnics, verification of service capabilities and collection of data on employment and economic activities in selected districts. The mapping shall include information about equipment (quality and quantity of tools, machines, instruments, raw materials, teaching materials etc.), facilities (workshops, classrooms, offices, restrooms, canteen, accommodation etc.) and other capacities (quality and quantity of training staff, financial management etc.) as well as the number of students and graduates in the various programmes/courses. Furthermore, sectors and core skills areas shall be identified according to the demand of employers and according to employment opportunities.

If you are awarded the contract, you are not excluded from bidding for the implementation of the following project phase. However, a prerequisite for participation in a subsequent tender is that you do not benefit from your involvement in the previous contract and that the equal treatment of all bidders is ensured.

Please submit your bid by 11/09/2017. Details of our submission requirements can be found in the enclosed terms of reference and in our terms and conditions for application. Please note that this is an ‘public procedure’ and therefore there will be no negotiations.

Please ensure that you complete and submit all the required documentation.

Your bid should be submitted in triplicate in English (language) and in accordance with the requirements set out in the terms of reference and in the terms and conditions for application. A copy of your technical bid should also be provided on CD-ROM.

Once submitted, your bid will be legally binding up to 15/10/2017.

Planned schedule for the rest of the contract award procedure:

Bid evaluation results to be sent to bidders


conclusion of contract


Commencement of service delivery


Alternative Offers

Please note that alternative offers are not allowed.

Procedural questions

Please address any commercial, technical and procedural questions at an early stage. Questions will be answered if they are received at the latest seven working days before the closing of the tender. Questions have to be raised in writing, by fax or email only to:

Mr Hugues Dandjinou

fax: +49 61 96 79-801266

Email: hugues.dandjinou@giz.de

Procedural questions and answers will be published on our webpage https://www.giz.de/en/workingwithgiz/bidding_procurement.html

(please go to “Current public tenders for services below the EU threshold”) within the bidding documents.

Please make sure to check the bidding documents regularly. Applicants/bidders are solely responsible for checking the website during the tender procedure to find any information they may require together with details of any changes.

Our terms and conditions for application and other tender documents, which are listed in the annex below, also apply.

Non-compliance of any of the aforementioned rules may result in your bid not being considered.

Please note that the regulations set out for “Open procedures” in our terms and conditions for application apply in this tender.

Please confirm by email if you intend to submit a bid.

Yours sincerely,

Deutsche Gesellschaft für

Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

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