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Bekanntmachung von Qualifizierungsverfahren - EIB - 500 kV-Übertragungsleitungen - Beratungsleistungen (D-Frankfurt a.M) in Frankfurt am Main (ID:3137361)

EIB - 500 kV-Übertragungsleitungen - Beratungsleistungen (D-Frankfurt a.M)
60325 Frankfurt am Main
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Europäische Ausschreibung
Bekanntmachung von Qualifizierungsverfahren
Bekanntmachung von Qualifizierungsverfahren
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Org. Dok.-Nr:  264544-2008

Consulting Services (Energy) Deadline: 17 November 2008 Georgia Reference: NIF - KfW 001 Project: Black Sea Power Transmission Network (500 kV) - International Competitive Bidding - Prequalification Tenderer: KfW Entwicklungsbank ("KfW") herewith invites qualified independent consultants to submit prequalification (PQ) documents for consulting services. The services are to be financed under a grant from the EC Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) administered by KfW. Project measures: The Project is aimed at stabilizing Georgia's power transmission network and facilitating large scale trade of electric power between Georgia, the other South Caucasus countries, and the countries of the Black Sea Power Transmission Network, particularly Turkey. The project will establish one important precondition for the development of Georgia's vast hydro power resources. The Project comprises: ? building and commissioning of a 500/400/220 kV Substation at Akhalsikhe, near the Georgian/Turkish border. ? building and commissioning of a 1000 MW back-to-back HVDC Unit 500/400 kV at Akhalsikhe. ? building and commissioning of a 400 kV overhead transmission line from Akhalsikhe to the Turkish border (20 km of single circuit line). ? Completion of a 500 kV overhead transmission line from the existing Gardabani 500 kV substation to Akhalsikhe (190 km, part of which was built in the late 1980's but needs restoration/rehabilitation; the remainder will be new construction). ? Completion of a 500 kV overhead transmission line between the existing Zestaponi 500 kV substation to Akhalsikhe (71 km, part of which was built in the late 1980's; the remainder will be new construction). ? Extension of the Gardabani and Zestaponi substations. Project cost is estimated at around EUR 220 million. Funding is envisaged through loans from KfW, EIB and EBRD as well as from own resources of the Government of Georgia. Required Consultant Services: Under the present assignment, Consultants are required to provide early engineer, design and project management services to the Project Executing Agency (PEA) to ensure delivery of the project: Phase I

1. Concept Review: review and suggest any improvements to the project concept; inspect existing facilities and prepare detailed schedules, cost estimates and tender documents. Phase II 2. International Competitive Tender: assist the PEA in selecting turnkey contractor(s) for the project through international competitive tendering following European procurement regulations. 3. Construction and contract supervision: assist the PEA in ensuring that all works are carried out in accordance with contract in terms of quality and schedule. 4. Commissioning: assist the PEA in ensuring that the new connections and equipment are put into operation in accordance with best practice. It is anticipated that the duration of the assignment will be 4 (four) years for the entire project process. The start of Phase II is subject to the signing of the necessary financing and loan agreements for the project. The Project Executing Agency (PEA) for the investment project has yet to be constituted/determined by the Government of Georgia. For the present assignment in Phase I, the Ministry of Energy will be the PEA. The selection, including the prequalification, of Consultants follows the latest version of KfW's "Guidelines for the Assignment of Consultants in Financial Co-operation Projects", with reference to the following website: http://www.kfw-entwicklunqsbank.de/DE Home/Service und Dokumentation/Online Bibliothek/PDF-Dokumente Richtlinien/Consultingrichtlinie E 11 200615701.pdf Interested independent consulting firms, or groups of firms, need to have ample experience in the electricity sector and the region, and an annual turnover of not less than EUR 40 (forty) million. Interested companies and consortia may obtain the full PQ documentation and forms from: KfW Entwicklungsbank, Dept. L III a/3 (Europe) Palmengartenstr. 5-9, D-60325 Frankfurt a.M./ Germany. ? Mr. Peter Brinkmann, Principal Project Manager Tel.: +49 69/7431 3284; Telefax: +49 69/7431 3559 ( peter.brinkmann@kfw.de ) ? Mr. Ren? Eschemann, Project Manager Tel.: +49 69/7431 8753; Telefax: +49 69/7431 3559 ( rene.eschemann@kfw.de ) PQ documents have to be submitted to KfW under the address above. Deadline for the submission is November 17, 2008. Submissions arriving later cannot be entertained.
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