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Ausschreibung - Electrocardiograph. F.O.B. Destination in Landstuhl (ID:3862755)

Electrocardiograph. F.O.B. Destination
66849 Landstuhl
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Europäische Ausschreibung
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Electrocardiograph. F.O.B. Destination, required delivery date 19 Jun 2009. - Short description 4 GE Electrocardiographs MAC 5500 CLR US Gov't Standard AHA with 239 Volt/50Hz, including trolleys and training or brand name or comparable equal - Zip Code of the issuing office and the performance area Issuing office - Europe Regional Contracting Office 66849 Landstuhl Delivery Point - LANDSTUHL REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER PROPERTY MANAGEMENT BR GEB 3739 66849 LANDSTUHL/KIRCHBERG, GERMANY - Due date of offer 27 May 2009 MfG/Thanks Reinhold M?bus Contract Specialist, E-Mail Address reinhold.moebus@amedd.army.mil German Mailing Address US Mailing Address US Hospital Landstuhl US Hospital Landstuhl Europe Regional Contracting Office CMR 402 Bldg/Geb.3705, APO AE 09180 ERCO 66849 Landstuhl/Kirchberg, FON: 01149 6371-86-8657 DSN: 486-8657 FAX: 01149 6371-86-7900 DSN: 486-7900 Hallo Vendors please check also the ETIS, MEDCOM and the ERCO Contracting Homepage for more information or new solicitations www.europeantenders.de http://hcaa.medcom.amedd.army.mil/ERCO/erco_vendorinfo.htm http://www2.eps.gov/spg/USA/MEDCOM/DADA19/postdateToday_1.html ERCO https://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=card&service_provider_id=110518&site_id=626&service_category_id=14 PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT: IAW AR 340-21, CHAPTER 3. This document may contain information covered under the Privacy Act, 5 USC 552(a), and/or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act PL 104-191) and its various implementing Regulations and must be protected in accordance with those provisions. Healthcare information is personal and sensitive and must be treated accordingly. If this correspondence contains healthcare information it is being provided to you after appropriate authorization from the patient or under circumstances that don't require patient authorization. You, the recipient, are obligated to maintain it in a safe, secure and confidential manner. Re-disclosure without additional patient consent or as permitted by law is prohibited. Unauthorized re-disclosure or failure to maintain confidentiality subjects you to application of appropriate sanction. If you have received this correspondence in error, please notify the sender at once and destr oy any copies you have made. Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE
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