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Ausschreibung - Support to resource governance in Mauritania in Eschborn (ID:14158854)

65760 Eschborn
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Conception and implementation of awareness-raising activities for the artisanal mining sector.
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Support to resource governance in Mauritania
Country: Mauritania

We intend to award contracts for the following service:
Conception and implementation of awareness-raising activities for the artisanal mining sector.

Since 2016, Mauritania has experienced the emergence of an artisanal gold mining sector. To better control this activity, the Mauritanian government has created a Mining Services Centre, where ores from artisanal mining are processed and gold is extracted. At the same time, the Ministry of Mines just adopted a communication strategy aimed at strengthening the level of knowledge of stakeholders on issues related to the mining sector. One of the priority measures for the implementation of this strategy is conducting awareness-raising measures for operators of the Mining Services Centre, in particular on how to comply with the new regulations as well as with health and safety standards. The objective of this mission is to support the Ministry of Mines in the design and implementation of these communication measures.
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Dienstleistungsauftrag (VOL/VOF)

Our ref. E280-hd

Transaction number: 81227264
Processing no.: 14.2513.1-001-00

Termine & Fristen
If you are interested in performing this work/these services, please submit a bid in two copies in accordance with the GIZ bidding conditions and the technical offer as a CD-ROM by 16/07/2018 (date of receipt at GIZ).

Labelling of offer
Your bid, comprising the technical offer and the price offer, must be clearly marked as such and submitted as a package containing two envelopes. The price offer must always be separate from the technical offer and placed in a separate envelope. The envelope containing the price offer must be sealed and be labelled as follows:
Price offer from [please note sender] for: transaction number>

- to be opened only by OE E230 Bid opening team-
The outer package must be labelled as:
Bidding documents for: transaction number > - to be opened only by OE E230 Bid opening team -
and be addressed to:
Deutsche Gesellschaft
fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
OE E230 Angebotserbffnung
Dag-Hammarskjold-Weg 1-5
65760 Eschborn

Please see the enclosed Terms of Reference for details of the content of your bid and the required quantities.
Alternative offers
Alternative offers are not permitted.
Price offer
The price offer must be submitted in Euro in accordance with the attached format for the price offer and the General Terms and Conditions section 5. Personnel costs should be shown on the basis of working days.

Bedingungen & Nachweise

Procedural questions
Please address any commercial, technical and procedural questions at an early stage. Questions will be answered if they are received at the latest five working days before the closing of the tender. Questions have to be raised in writing, by fax or email only to:
Mr Hugues Dandjinou fax: +49 61 96 79-22 69 or email: hugues.dandjinou@giz.de
Non-compliance may result in your bid not being considered.

Procedural questions and answers will be published on our webpage https://www.giz.de/en/workingwithgiz/bidding_procurement.html (please go to "Current public tenders for services below the EU threshold") within the bidding documents. Please make sure to check the bidding documents regularly. Applicants/bidders are solely responsible for checking the website during the tender procedure to find any information they may require together with details of any changes.

Date of decision to award contract
The evaluation of the submitted bids is expected to be completed by 15/08/2018.
For procedural reasons, no information on the status of evaluation will be given pending the decision on contract award, and we therefore ask you to refrain from making enquiries. If your bid is rejected, you will be notified in writing.
Acceptance period and Commencement of work

Work is scheduled to start on 01/09/2018; except in the case of project appraisals, this date applies only if the project agreement has been entered into by then. The award should accordingly be made no later than 20/08/2018 You are bound by your bid until this date.

Notification of intention to bid
Please notify VEL@giz.de within five days of despatch of our enquiry whether we can expect your bid, stating the transaction number in the subject heading of the email.
Infringements against the regulations for awarding contracts
For contract awards in excess of the limits stated in GWB in conjunction with the currently valid version of the Directive, you can apply to the Bundeskartellamt (Federal Anti-Trust Office) for a review of any alleged infringements of the regulations for awarding contracts.
Bundeskartellamt Vergabekammern des Bundes Villemomblerstr. 76 53123 Bonn

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